Friday, May 20, 2011


I haven't blogged for a moment because I was traveling, filming a movie and doing a million and one things that we human beings tend to do. When do we ever sit down and relax and literally smell the roses?

Just recently a dear friend asked me to join her in a yoga class at a school called The Golden Bridge. They have a school in California and one in New York. It just so happens that I have a friend that works at this school here in California and I was due for a visit with him. My girlfriend was the push I needed to finally smell the roses and come out of my internal shell.

All my life,fitness, diet and health of mind was always vital to me. Aside from being an actress and knowing that I had to always be in the best shape I could be I came to the conclusion that health in general was the most vital no matter what career path one takes. As get older my yearn for longevity grew stronger. Thinking about having children and a family made me want to not only live longer but made me realize what I had to do in order to have that path I hope for.
My mother God rest her soul always instilled in me exercise and healthy eating.

We all have moments where we want to diet and workout but we always find excuses not to actually follow our goals. When I say diet I dont mean starving yourself or doing whats called a yo yo diet and not actually sticking to it. Diet means to me a way of eating and a way of life.
i dont believe in depriving ones self from anything thats good in life. I eat pizza I eat fries I eat chocolate. I just dont eat all of those yummy foods all the time. I make it like those foods are a treat for me so that when I eat them I enjoy them even more.

This year my new years resolution is to treat myself the way I want to be treated. Which is the Golden Rule but with a twist. You cant love if you dont love yourself. Loving yourself means eating right and doing what you can to have a long healthy life.

My way of working out is always trying something new and always switching up my way of working out. I hike, I climb rocks, I do yoga and I love Kickbox cardio. I also love to dance. Lastly I bowl....

My advice to people that ask me Alisa how do you stay in shape? I tell them I try and stay as active as I can without getting bored. At the bottom of this blog I will have enclosed some sites that I swear by that I use for keeping track of my way of life.

Food can be enjoyed as long as you stay on top of what you eat how you eat how do you feel after you eat it and most of all portion control.

The Golden Bridge is one of the most amazing yoga schools I have ever been to. Its a form of yoga that does a lot of meditation. A lot of self healing and a lot of embracing ones energy and connecting it with your own soul. Having a healthy mental state is what will push you to continue to have a healthy physical state. Work out buddies come a dime a dozen. At the end of the day its up to YOU to push yourself. Self motivation is the hardest to find but if you want it bad enough you will be willing to do whatever it takes to get there right?

Life should be about happiness and being in the moment. My mother use to say there was always enough hours in the day to do everything. All it takes is one change one vibration to make things all fall into place. Then everything else will fall into place with ease.

Stress is a big factor when it comes to health. If you worry a lot then it can effect your digestive system. It can make you have depression that’s why state of mind is so vital. Aside from yoga I also am highly involved in my local church. What ever way you need to get your mind clear finding your own spiritual path will set you free.

I feel very centered and one with myself at this current moment of my life and I want all of you to feel the same. Love yourself love your body accept yourself.

God Bless and Yours Truly


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