Sunday, October 18, 2015

#10 Things about "Alisa Reyes" You May Not Know!!!!

#10 Things about "Alisa Reyes" You May Not Know!!!!

1.) I use to race cigarette boats based out of Key West, FL with a company called Super Boat International. #FountainMercury #XtremeRacing #DollhouseFootwear (sponsor)

2.) Jeff Goldbloom the actor was one of my acting teachers at a school called Play House West in LA.

3.) One of my favorite authors is Betty Smith. 

4.) I love butterflies.

5.) I didn't learn how to drive till I was around 17 years old. Due to the fact that I was a born and raised New Yorker, you don't need a car in NY in LA you do! #masteredthe405 ( the 405 is one of the most stressful freeways within our 50 states fyi )

6.) I am a writer & a producer. I have a children's book called "Minou" a story about a traveling cat. This is a story my mother started and when she passed in 2008 I continued her legacy on. Along with a few other TV shows & films.

7.) I was in a girls singing group called "3G's". We were signed with Hollywood Records-Handprint Management. "3G's" has a song on the Princess Diaries soundtrack with a song called "Crush"!

8.) "3G's" the singing group I was in had their own trading cards with the company Toaster Struddle. The group consisted of myself and two other girls. Amy & Kristen.

9.) I love to bowl. I have bowled with multiple leagues that are sanctioned with an average of 130 currently. #HighestGame209

10.) I will be releasing a music single early 2016 on iTunes and other media outlets. I wrote my lyrics and plan to release a video. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

James O. Clark- Artist of the LIGHT

ART is a true passion of mine whether it comes in the form of a painting, photo, sculpture, life performance or in this case in the form of LIGHT. Art as you all know is something that is immensely   imprinted into my soul. Being an actor has brought out all forms of art within my essence and that is why I am attracted to any type of ART across the board but this ART from James O. Clark whom is a dear friend of mine show cases ART in a way that I have never seen and that is in the form of LIGHT made from paint, enameled metal and fluorescent bulbs.

James O. Clark is a dear friend of my family on my mothers side and who I met around 2008 which is around the time my mother Brenda passed away. My GOD father had the pleasure of sharing with me the story of how James and my mother met and how they were dear friends. My mother and James both grew up in the same town in Coatesville, PA.

When I met James I instantly had a connection just like my mother did and a true friendship bloomed it was as if I was able to pick up from where my mother left off. James has a beautiful family that I just adore and when ever I am in my hometown in New York I try to visit James and his family which is where they reside as often as I can. When I found out that James was having a viewing of his art at the LTD Gallery in Los Angeles in my neck of the woods I couldn't wait to see him and see what his art work was like in this show case. You never know what you are going to get when you see a piece from James O. Clark. It always a fresh of breath air like something you have never seen. My favorite piece is the one below with the blue, teal paint on the walls. The coolest thing about this piece is that you can write your name or write anything you desire with your own hand on this wall and the light and the glow in the dark paint will show what you wrote for just a few seconds and then it will disappear it gives the artist and the viewer a chance to feel connected and one with the ART.

 I also love his light instillation's they are so unique and truly one of a kind. LIGHT is a big part of my life I am of the LIGHT without LIGHT we would be in the dark so the fact that James brings LIGHT into all he does shows how truly connected he is of love and light and how truly connected he is with the universal law of LIGHT and how much of an impact he makes with his ART and for the world to see and touch. For more information on James O. Clark please visit his website down below and please be sure to follow him online all of his online social media links are provided in his website.

It was truly a pleasure seeing his ART and connecting with all of his pieces. I hope one day all of you get a chance to see his art
in person and please share and pass his info around.
He is a positive force in my life and I know he will be in yours.

Sending you all love and light.

LTD Los Angeles is the gallery currently show casing these pieces March 19-April 16 located at 7561 Sunset Blvd #103 Los Angeles, CA 90046

For more information on James please free feel to visit his website below:

Also please read his latest press article on his art, link is down below:

Yours Truly,

Alisa Reyes                                                                Photo by Alisa Reyes: James and Alisa


Friday, September 19, 2014


G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S  is the name to Fergie's hit song where she sings about fashion, diamonds, cars which describes her lifestyle but I can relate as well because I just attended my first Fashion Week in New York City thanks to Jump Start PR who flew me out to my hometown Manhattan, New York to attend a packed schedule for New York Fashion Week. The song glamorous was the soundtrack to my three day filled adventure. I was blessed to rock a wardrobe by Goddess Divine, Evolution, Bebe, Guess, Wildpair, Sky,  LV and many more! UBER was the way to travel to and from events and the two drinks of my week came from Godiva and Ciroc!

My first event was at a POP UP store its the latest trend to showcasing your company in a fun laid back venue where companies can join together to sell and promote their products in a store for one day or more! What a clever idea huh? The first company I met was Amcopop, where I had the pleasure to meet Adriana Marie Company her logline is "Fashion with a Purpose"  Adriana was so sweet to give me my new favorite T Shirt! I gotta represent both coasts! Adriana is the owner/designer of this amazing fun and unique clothing company that I just adore. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram @adrianamarieco so you can check out all of their clothing!

I also then had the pleasure to meet the FAB company called Irini Design                                           
I was pleased to meet Irene Karandrikas owner/designer of Irini Designs a beautiful jewelry company that has something for every occasion! Her line of jewelry is edgy but light and meant for a day to night wear that you can rock all day long with ease!

Last but not least if you haven't had the pleasure of rocking a Ella Danla handbag now is the time! Her products are crafted from the highest quality leather is using unique elements from nature such as fossilized dinosaur bone also made in the USA! This is no ordinary luxury leather handbag this is a one-of-a-kind handbag! I have never seen anything like this before so be sure to check out all of her handbags at

Handbags, jewelry, clothes and hats oh my what more could a girl or guy ask for! Later that evening I was whisked away to the Mercedes-Benz - Lincoln Center/Ciroc party! Talk about fun the DJ was amazing the food rocked and the drinks were oh so yummy. There were so many different types of people at this party from socialites to top fashion blogger's to celebrities, music producers, artist, actors but the one person that stood out to me that night was an amazing energetic and full of life fashion blogger by the name of Sharon Langert. She has a blog called she was kind enough to take a photo of me in my outfit that I rocked for my first night by goddess divine and she put me in her blog so I had to give her a shout out because she was just absolutely a pure joy to sit down and talk to that evening. Not only is she a fashion blogger but she's also a stylist and a designer! Talk about a triple threat! The drink of my night which of course was by Ciroc was called The Cassandra! It was the perfect drink to end a fabulous night now off to bed to get my beauty rest!

Make up, lip gloss, photo booths, cupcakes and wine oh my! Inglot Cosmetics was my new favorite make up of fashion week you have to check out number 542 and number 541 in regards to the lip gloss that is a must buy, I'm obsessed with their color choices! The texture and the colors within Inglot are one of a kind and great for all skin types! Their eyelashes are divine and I adore all of their lipsticks and lip glosses. I practically had to be dragged away from the make up booth because I was running off to a fashion show and I just couldn't bear to part ways with my lip glosses!


Next stop that night was at Pier59 where I attended the K Nicole Clothing fashion show! K Nicole has a very unique style of clothing I would describe what I saw as Bo ho fun, tons of mesh fabrics along with beautiful skirts and dresses that you could wear not only to lunch with the girls but you could also turn it into an amazing evening wear outfit mixed with a business look filled with comfort! Beyond flattering for the body and mixed with unique textures and layers K Nicole is definitely a new unique approach to modern clothing for the every day woman! Be sure to check out

My last adventure of fashion week was with along with the drink of the night from Godiva so many to choose from some even had chocolate in them it's like a desert mixed with a cocktail! Princess London Shoes were fun, bright, vibrant, unique and diverse! Some of the shoes had an influence of Native American style feathers, fringes, textures that were mixed with fringes and other fabrics the list went on and on about the unique style to this shoe brand very feminine and delicate. Princess London Shoes are a must-have statement piece that would go with any clutch or purse for a fun girls night out or a hot sexy date with your boo!

Words can't express how thankful I was to Jump Start Pr, I had a blast and I can't wait to attend another Fashion Week. Stay posted for more photos and updates of Alisa Reyes's Journey at

Sending Love and light to you all and many blessings!

Yours Truly,


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Alisa Reyes Official Merch Store

A couple of months ago I decided to come out with my official merch store @
The out pour of love and support I have received from all of you on twitter, facebook and whosay, myspace and instagram means the world to me and I know many of you wanted a way to receive photos with an autograph. I decided to have just a few pictures on my website that I can mail to you all within the 50 states I am not doing international unless its a special request at the moment but I hope that you will all get a chance to stop by and click on the link below so I can send a personal picture to you if you would like one. If I have seem to have been a bit behind on answering back some fan mail on facebook or my fan mail accounts my apologies I try to get to them as often as I can. Your kind words and love and support really make me so happy and filled with JOY and I just want you all to know that without you all a lot would not be possible. I love you all and I am sending love and light to all of you throughout your journey this 2014 and on. Just know I adore everyone of you and I wish you all joy and love and sending you all a white light surrounding you and your families always!

Yours Truly,



Saturday, October 19, 2013


I found this amazing poem that I felt best suits a well needed "Thank You Poem" to all of my friends and family and all of my tweeties and facebook friends and online supporters, etc: I love you all and without you a lot would not be possible. Thank you for your patience and nonstop support. To all my fans that e-mailed me that may be asking for a reply or an autograph I just want you all to know that I am a bit behind on my fan mail and that I have not forgotten about your letters and requests. I am making some changes with the fan club and things are a bit behind with the fan mail aspect so thank you for your continued patience and I will be sending an e-mail blast soon with updates and new pictures as well. A million thanks. God Bless you all!

THANK YOU! ! ! ! !

Thank you for all the support you've shown
Thank you for all your letters
Thank you for coming to see me
Thank you for your love
Thank you for helping me get through this
Thank you for being there for me
Thank you for showing me what love actually is
Thank you for giving me the spirit to get through everyday
Thank you for thinking about me
Thank you for the laughs
Thank you for your beautiful smile
Thank you for sticking up for me
Thank you for having my back
Thank you for everything
But better then all
Thank you for being YOU... 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


"April showers bring May flowers". I thought that opening quote would be more then appropriate for this special piece I had to share with you all. It's been a minute since I did a blog since I am a busy bee and always doing a million and one things at one time. This past April was an inspiring month filled with SHOWERS of LOVE, REBIRTH and most of all SELF REALIZATION! As most of you know I am involved with a support system and they are called TEAM TRUE BEAUTY. 

Team True Beauty is a support system that works to empower from
within. We tell the youth it is the size of their heart that matters,
not their waist line. We want young women and men to know that they
don't have to look a certain way before achieving their dreams. Your
looks don't define you; your heart, your actions, your goals, and your
dreams do. We spread the message that everyone is worthy no matter
what, help to build inner confidence, raise awareness on the dangers
of eating disorders and promote the importance of feeling comfortable
in your own skin. Feeling confident about their body and who they are
as a person as well as teaching people to embrace their uniqueness is
our main goal.

I was able to attend an event that Team True Beauty held a while back in Hollywood, CA and fell in love with their inspiring message they have shared with the whole world. As an actor it is beyond vital for me to share with my friends and family and fan base that beauty is from within ones soul. I consistently have to deal with the struggles like we all do on a daily basis about self esteem, weight, and most of all feeling 100% secure about myself inside and out. I try to instill with in my online social media community that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that no matter what anyone says to YOU that YOU are enough and that YOU are beautiful, a precious being of GOD and that we are all already PERFECT no matter where we are in our life or what we look like. People always ask me Alisa how do you stay secure within yourself? To be honest I pray and thank GOD for having a blessed support system. I try to surround myself with positive enforcement and always try to look on the brighter side. Plus thinking before one speaks is a must because we as humans are always on the GO and we don't take a minute to STOP and BREATH and actually SMELL THE ROSES! If we took a second to realize what we say to others could effect their self esteem their day or their LIFE. Its up to us to be the captain of our ship and to stay clear of negativity and to embrace the not so perfect because in LIFE nothing is 100% perfect. I think having a flaw even if its small is very attractive. That is why I am a supporter of TEAM TRUE BEAUTY. Please follow them on twitter and online to stay posted about future events. 

                                                   " TEAM TRUE BEAUTY PANEL"

I recently spoke on a TEAM TRUE BEAUTY Panel in California this past month and had the pleasure of meeting a new friend of mine by the name of TAYRIN. 

Tayrin has a very emotional and touching story that she shared with us at the Team True Beauty panel and had the chance to speak on the panel with us where she shared her story and how DEARTAYRIN came about. 

                                                              " DEARTAYRIN"

"DearTayrin" is a non profit organization who's purpose is to raise awareness and educate on sexual abuse while empowering those victimized throughout the Western New York area and abroad by providing awareness events, educational classes and other forms of support.  DearTayrin was founded in April of 2012 and since then has had numerous things happen such as:
June-July of 2012 - An educational class with the CEM After school program.  The group consisted of 15 girls (Age groups of 12-15) and out of those 15 girls - 12 girls came out with their own struggles and issues in life.
August of 2012 - Awareness Event which was held at Spot Coffee with over 50 attendees, 5 musicians, 2 scheduled to say their own story and 1 unscheduled gave her own story right at the event.
First Twitter Chat w/ then Miss NY and Now Miss America Mallory Hagan which was a collaboration and A twitter chat w/ Mr. Gay Buffalo 2012.
Amount of followers between Facebook and Twitter has grown to over 600 within the first year.
My goal this year is to continue to educate myself, do speaking engagements, create support groups (right now i have in mind to do a coffee time support group for victims including a licensed counselor who's on board w/ DearTayrin)

Here is the link to the first DearTayrin event -

Please follow DearTayrin at:


Here is also the link to Tayrin's story when she spoke to the Team True Beauties at the panel they recently had, please share on in hopes to touch someone else. True

Tayrin is an amazing individual. I am beyond impressed with her inner strength and courage it took for her to share not only her story to us at the Team True Beauty panel but to the world. Many people on a daily basis deal with abuse in many different ways and DearTayrin's message touched my soul to the core. That I had to share these two great support systems with you all. Please follow DearTayrin online and help spread the word you may know someone or maybe you YOURSELF has struggled with abuse. Please know that you are not alone and with the on going help and support of DearTayrin you can help share your story with others and finally seek that closure and retain the help that you need to help get you to your next chapter in life. 

         If you would like to be a DearTayrin Advocate please read the following below:

                                 "Tayrin and myself at the TEAM TRUE BEAUTY PANEL"

A DearTayrin advocate will have to be a high profile person that is in full support of the cause and wouldn't mind dedicating a short amount of time in either answering tweets or emails. (All tweets and emails will be monitored by DearTayrin) The advocate would be required to sign a volunteer agreement. Also, the individual would be a representation to DearTayrin so the individual would also have to try to be at any DearTayrin events.  Which right now are only happening once a year other than that it's educational programs which in that case if the individual wanted to they could send words of encouragement to the group in some way.  Maybe doing some short video clips giving words of encouragement or speaking about DearTayrin campaigns, etc. They have an advising counsel who is on board so they would be able to draft up a volunteer agreement that would be signed to volunteer for the campaign and after one year if the individual wants to stay on board then they can go from there.

Closing Message:

At the end of the day it is up to us to be tuned in to our feelings and the feelings of others. To be a positive light and product of your own world and environment. Help spread the word about these two amazing support groups. All it takes is one person and that one person could be YOU!

Yours Truly,

Alisa Reyes


Tuesday, March 12, 2013


March Madness:

I just wanted to update you all about a few things that are new with my online social media sites. I recently just started a new Alisa Reyes Fan Club: The President is Shainoor Tejani. I will be sending out a quarterly email to everyone that joins @

If you would like to join please write in the subject JOIN FAN CLUB!

I will also be opening up an online store where you can buy an autographed picture of me for a small fee. The store will be up and running hopefully in the next month.

I will also have a motivational coaching session available via chat or email through an online site that will also be linked through my site where for a small fee I can help you embrace your career goals while working on your self esteem through out your lives journey.

In the meantime if you would like to be apart of my CURRENT motivational coaching journey please email me @

If you are interested in hearing my latest single that I sang and wrote called Change feel free to buy the song for only 99 cents at CDBABY.COM

There is a link to buy the song @

Remember I also do All That Trivia every Mon-Fri on Twitter and Facebook!

Lastly, thank you for all your continued out pour and support with my career. It truly means the world to me when you reach out and connect with me. Thank you for being so patient those of you who have reached out to me. With the new fan club I will be able to answer you all more frequently.

Sending lots of love,