Sunday, July 31, 2011

All That

The 90's are back on Teen Nick has brought back so many memories and such wonderful comments and tons of love from all of the loyal fans through out the years. Many of you have asked me great questions on twitter, facebook and even myspace about my experience on the show. So I decided to share some info on my memories and how I became a cast member on All That on Nickelodeon.

I was around 13 years old and I recieved a call from my acting manager at the time about an audition for a sketch comedy show that would be on Nickelodeon.I was living in Manhattan Ny where I was born and raised with my mother Brenda. I had to prepare a monologue that was comedy based and do a scene that they would supply me with. At the time I had over heard that this audition process was part of a nation wide search for the cast of this new show. The show was called All That and they were to shoot one show whch would bethe pilot to then see if the network wanted to pick up a whole seasons worth.

I remember that it took me close to seven times to audition for the show. By the forth time I walked into the casting offices knowing every ones names and feeling that this was my home. I was in school at the time my mother found out that I got the show. When I came home and found out and that was the day that my life changed. Big Time!

I found out that I had to pack and get ready to go to Orlando Florida for a week or so to shoot the pilot. My mother and I were so excited we didnt know where to begin. I was in the acting business since I was eight and this was my big break. At the time I was attending highschool at PPAS, where Brittany Spears and Claire Danes and many others have attended school. I majored in musicial theatre. I was a happy teenager making friends and pursuing a career at such a young age. I was an only child living with a single parent even though I had the support of my father and my family. My mother had a great career working for the Board of Education and
since day one my mother gave up everything for me so I could live my dream. May her soul rest in peace. She was the best mother anyone could have.

When we left to Orlando I had no idea who I was going to meet or what I was going to do. They put us up in a great place to stay that was like an apartment. Since my mother and I didnt drive we either took car services or a taxi or we had someone pick me up from set. The first day that I met the whole orignal cast was in our school trailer. We all were in school at the time. Some did home schooling some had to get their school work from school, my school was prepared for actors to leave school and have them do work assignments so they wouldnt miss a test or homework. Dont get me wrong it was very hard to leave my friends and my school. I knew this was my dream and not everyone gets a chance like this so I grabbed ahold of my dream and my mother and I ran right after it. Having support is really vital.

Katrina and Josh, Angelique,Kel and Kenan were all in this trailer where I met everyone for the first time. I remembering walking in and feeling so weird and abit shy. In a matter of minutes we all began to talk and get to know eachother and soon we found out that we were from all over and that we were all different ages and nationalities. It was like the United Nations.

Later that day we were showed our set and our dressing rooms and then we were given the script for the pilot. It was so amazing to find out what character we were going to play and what guest star we were going to have or who we were going to work with. The producers of our show came from a show called Head of the Class. They then came up with this concept and became creators and producers as well as writers of this show. It had a great team behind it. We found out that a group called TLC was going to be on the pilot. They sang our theme song and did a skit that I was in and it was a true honor to work with them along side of Left Eye may God rest her soul. What was great about this show is we all got a chance to meet great artist that are now successful. Its amazing and so great to see everyone who are now platium artist and movie stars and doing some big things.

This show opened the door for many of us and its an experience I will never forget. After we shot the pilot we all left and went home and intended to stay in touch and pray that the show would get picked up. Back then tv was wholesome and classic now adays tv is very reality based and there is a lack of uniqueness or realness. I miss sitcoms and shows that have a storyline or just really truely make you laugh. In a matter of a week or so we found out the show got picked up for a whole season and that was the beginning of the rest of my life. I had to leave school mid highschool year. I was in 9th grade to 11th grade when I did All That. I lost a big chunk of my high school years. I didnt go to my prom or graduation. After All That I went onto a show called One World on NBC. Thats another blog. He He

All That went on to be a big a hit show and I had the pleasure of being on All That for 3 years. After the first two seasons the show went to Los Angeles California. That was my first incounter to the West Coast where I now live. I was bi-coastel but now I made the west coast my home for the past 10 or so years.

When I came to Cali it was very much a change but this was apart of my journey and I embraced all that came my way. This journey has now made me who I am today. An actress, singer, producer and writer,voice over artist, radio host, host and most of all a girl that has followed her dream and never gave up. Every day is a new day that is productive and filled with Gods Blessings. You have to stay true to yourself and dont forget where you come from. I love you all and hope this answered some of your questions, I loved playing Kiki The Island Girl and I adore the cast and miss them all very much. Katrina is one of my best friends along side of Angelique. When Amanda Bynes came onto the show it was like having a sister. We all have great memories and I will never forget them. I wish everyone the best and hope that we all continue to cross each others paths in the future.

Yours Truly,


Thursday, July 14, 2011


You ever sit on your living room couch or chair or whatever and wonder why am I here, whats my purpose? Thats what I am doing this very second. My mind wonders a million times a day about what makes me happy what can I do to live my life to the fulliest. How can I stayed grouded and humble. How can I be apart of the big viberation. 2012 the worlds going to end? Imagine if that were true. Would you feel you did all you could do your lifetime? Did you accomplish all your hearts desires? At the end of the day all that matters is that you feel you had a moment a memory a smile a laugh a hug a cry. We all have dreams we all have goals some actually accomplish them some dont even attempt to. We all are different. People always ask me Alisa how do you stayed determined how do you stay active in your career? Three years ago my best friend my mother passed away. That changed my life greatly. I feel like it became my rebirth. I am the most organized most ready I have been in a long time. I started my career at the age of eight. All my life I kept my drive alive because I never gave up. When one is passionate about something nothing or no one can get in the way. Staying true to your beliefs is the most vital. Every one will have an opinion and thick skin is a must. No matter what job you have we all have similar moments just in different ways. Life isnt easy. It takes work and determination. My mother use to say there is enough hours in a day to get things done. Nicely put mom. I totally agree. Imagine this you have a list of things you need to get done you say how ever will I get thru this? Simple wake up early eat your breakfast and take a shower get dressed and start your first step. Thank your greater being for having another day to live and pray that you can be the best you can be. All I can say is its the boring the simple the quiet the normal that is good for ones self. Being in your moment. Listening to life living thru life.

Thats happiness.....