Sunday, October 18, 2015

#10 Things about "Alisa Reyes" You May Not Know!!!!

#10 Things about "Alisa Reyes" You May Not Know!!!!

1.) I use to race cigarette boats based out of Key West, FL with a company called Super Boat International. #FountainMercury #XtremeRacing #DollhouseFootwear (sponsor)

2.) Jeff Goldbloom the actor was one of my acting teachers at a school called Play House West in LA.

3.) One of my favorite authors is Betty Smith. 

4.) I love butterflies.

5.) I didn't learn how to drive till I was around 17 years old. Due to the fact that I was a born and raised New Yorker, you don't need a car in NY in LA you do! #masteredthe405 ( the 405 is one of the most stressful freeways within our 50 states fyi )

6.) I am a writer & a producer. I have a children's book called "Minou" a story about a traveling cat. This is a story my mother started and when she passed in 2008 I continued her legacy on. Along with a few other TV shows & films.

7.) I was in a girls singing group called "3G's". We were signed with Hollywood Records-Handprint Management. "3G's" has a song on the Princess Diaries soundtrack with a song called "Crush"!

8.) "3G's" the singing group I was in had their own trading cards with the company Toaster Struddle. The group consisted of myself and two other girls. Amy & Kristen.

9.) I love to bowl. I have bowled with multiple leagues that are sanctioned with an average of 130 currently. #HighestGame209

10.) I will be releasing a music single early 2016 on iTunes and other media outlets. I wrote my lyrics and plan to release a video. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

James O. Clark- Artist of the LIGHT

ART is a true passion of mine whether it comes in the form of a painting, photo, sculpture, life performance or in this case in the form of LIGHT. Art as you all know is something that is immensely   imprinted into my soul. Being an actor has brought out all forms of art within my essence and that is why I am attracted to any type of ART across the board but this ART from James O. Clark whom is a dear friend of mine show cases ART in a way that I have never seen and that is in the form of LIGHT made from paint, enameled metal and fluorescent bulbs.

James O. Clark is a dear friend of my family on my mothers side and who I met around 2008 which is around the time my mother Brenda passed away. My GOD father had the pleasure of sharing with me the story of how James and my mother met and how they were dear friends. My mother and James both grew up in the same town in Coatesville, PA.

When I met James I instantly had a connection just like my mother did and a true friendship bloomed it was as if I was able to pick up from where my mother left off. James has a beautiful family that I just adore and when ever I am in my hometown in New York I try to visit James and his family which is where they reside as often as I can. When I found out that James was having a viewing of his art at the LTD Gallery in Los Angeles in my neck of the woods I couldn't wait to see him and see what his art work was like in this show case. You never know what you are going to get when you see a piece from James O. Clark. It always a fresh of breath air like something you have never seen. My favorite piece is the one below with the blue, teal paint on the walls. The coolest thing about this piece is that you can write your name or write anything you desire with your own hand on this wall and the light and the glow in the dark paint will show what you wrote for just a few seconds and then it will disappear it gives the artist and the viewer a chance to feel connected and one with the ART.

 I also love his light instillation's they are so unique and truly one of a kind. LIGHT is a big part of my life I am of the LIGHT without LIGHT we would be in the dark so the fact that James brings LIGHT into all he does shows how truly connected he is of love and light and how truly connected he is with the universal law of LIGHT and how much of an impact he makes with his ART and for the world to see and touch. For more information on James O. Clark please visit his website down below and please be sure to follow him online all of his online social media links are provided in his website.

It was truly a pleasure seeing his ART and connecting with all of his pieces. I hope one day all of you get a chance to see his art
in person and please share and pass his info around.
He is a positive force in my life and I know he will be in yours.

Sending you all love and light.

LTD Los Angeles is the gallery currently show casing these pieces March 19-April 16 located at 7561 Sunset Blvd #103 Los Angeles, CA 90046

For more information on James please free feel to visit his website below:

Also please read his latest press article on his art, link is down below:

Yours Truly,

Alisa Reyes                                                                Photo by Alisa Reyes: James and Alisa