Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Must Haves

Its that time of year where everyone always asks me Alisa what do you do to get prepared for the Summer time? After the holidays I always gain a few pounds and make it a new years resolution to hit the gym and eat healthy. Below are a few of my personal must haves that helped get me back on track this past year that I had to share with you all. Beauty Anyone? Makeup Time: My fav lip color that is always in my makeup bag is Revlon's hot new Orange. Every brand has their version you just need to know what works for you and your pocket. My new lipstick from revlon only costs me 10 bucks. Add a pretty gloss thats clear for the night with a cat eye and the boys will be sure to look your way. Skin kiss: Stila Makeup has some great bronzers for the perfect J-Lo Glow. Try their illuminate set that gives that touch of sunkist to your cheeks as if you were at the beach all day. Man-Pedi Anyone? I am so into the new OPI neon colors, pink and orange and even blue are a must for your beach toes this summer. Hair Love: I am so obsessed with CLEAR. Its a new hairline that gives your roots and ends the protein and nutrients it needs. After one wash my hair felt so smooth and fresh. Its only costs 6 dollars on sale its a steal and a must have. Its always good to try something new. I did and now I am in love. Bikini what? My new summer suit is Aqua. Bright colors area must. Bright colors with tan skin is a perfect match. Be sure to where sun block. Thats a must. Try new colors and maybe a retro style that brings you to another era but modern. Check out for great ideas for summer beauty. Sunny days: Beach time is what makes summer fun. Plan a beach day with your friends pack a pinic and cooler and take pictures and share them with the world. Making memories during the summer always is special and never forgettable. Spend time with your family. Beautiful weather makes you want to enjoy life and be outside. I love to hike. Try something new it might surprise you. Dont forget to hit your local pool parties whether you are in Vegas, Miami, Ny or La, have your own BBQ just whatever you do dont waste a beautiful day. Activity: Be sure to work out go to the gym take a walk, hike with a friend. Go swimming that is a great way to burn calories. A program that I am a fan of is You track your calories and add your food and activity. It tells you how much you can lose at a realistic time line. Enjoy Life: Have fun read a book see a movie, have dinner with the girls grab a beer with the guys. Live your life travel if you can and stop and take a break to be with the ones you love. Take time to meditate thank your greater being which for me is God. Learn to let go and relax. If you can follow those suggestions I think you will have one great summer. Thanks for reading, Yours Truely, Alisa