Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Canada Oh Canada


I wanted to post three of my favorite photos from my vacation I took this past week to ontario toronto canada. I was there for my dear friends wedding where I was a bridesmaid for the first time. The theme of the wedding was indian/american. I even recieved Henna on my feet check out my facebook page for photos in an album I made today. This trip was amazing and it truely was a page turner in my life. I had my family drive down from near new york to be apart of this trip that I shared with close friends and special people that are in my life. If you never visited Canada I have to say its a must. There are so many different cultures and such amazing food. There are different locations just like any major city has that represents ones nationality. I went to Little Italy and ate yummy pasta and had such yummy indian food during a 3 day ceremony for the wedding I was in. Niagara falls was my favorite. I took a limo with my family there and along the way we did my first wine tasting and drove through my new favorite town called Niagara on the Lake. Its the cutest town ever. Then I rode the Maid of the Mist which is the famous boat ride that takes you up and close to Niagara Falls. The story of Niagara Falls is amazing. Its a must see you can see it on the USA side or the canadian side. Plus the money is different there and I must say that their money is so pretty. I also was there during the G20 summit which was a big event that took place there. Our president was there and there was alot of chaos and riots taking place thank God I wasnt apart of that crazyness. I also visited the CN T0wer which is a must see where you can see the whole city in a 360 degree angle. They have a glass floor that you can stand on and that scared me but it was exciting all at the same time. The trip lasted a week and I miss the experience already. I hope to travel back there again and enjoy the rest of what that city has to offer. Traveling is a must for me so this was the first time my pass port was stamped and I look forward to recieving more stamps as times goes by.....
Yours Truly

Saturday, June 12, 2010

MTV Awards Gifting Suite @ SLS

I had to make a blog about some amazing products I came across while attending the Mtv Awards Gifting Suite Party this past week. Here is a list of must have items and companies you all need to check out for the summer!


Ladies this makeup is amazing. I am not great at doing my own eye shadow but these products make it simple and easy. They supply brushes and a how to guide on applying the latest colors.


This is a must have whether you are a guy or a girl. I was using so many products left and right and couldnt find the right skin care line for my type of skin. Dont get me wrong I love certain products that are out there but alot of them was causing my skin to dry out. Whats cool about this skin care line is that there is no sulfate in it. Which is a main thing thats in a lot of skin care lines. They have an amazing cleanser,toner and mask thats a must have this summer if you want that clean fresh glowing skin look. Visit their website!

Check them out at http://www.drgram.com/

Electronics Time:

PURE ENERGY SOLUTIONS,makers of WILDCHARGE which is a wire-free charging system. This is a new hot item thats out on the market. No matter what phone or device you have this is the way to go especially for the every day traveler like myself. It comes with a charging pad and a attachment that you plug into your cell ipad, nano etc.

Visit http://www.shoppureenergy.com/

Last but not least:

ANA.M LIFESTYLE clothing and bathing suit line!

This is a hot company for men and woman. They have the hottest items such as T- shirts, hoodies,shorts,jackets,hats and the sexiest bathing suites out on the market.

Peep them out @: http://www.anamdesign.com/

A big Shout out to all these great companies......Follow them on their online social networking sites to stay in the now with the hottest items for the summer or all year round.

Yours Truely