Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hot Grammy Must Haves

I just recently attended a gifting suite for the Grammys at The London Hotel. I wanted to share like I always do some must have items that I currently was given and that I had to share with you.

Beauty up keep is a must whether you are a man or woman. Taking care of yourself is vital. Using the proper skin care is a must my favorite skin care line that I am currently using is Dr.Gram. There are many skin care lines out there but Dr.Gram is a must have. Another one I wanted to share with you is a company called CAILYN. They have great skin mask and great body scrubs. Its so vital not only to take care of your face but of your whole body as well.
Check out
This company has alot of great spa like products but the kick of it is that you can do it at home alone and chill out!!! Like I did today. Its always a must to treat your self to a day of pampering. Right ladies?

Physical and mental enery is what keeps our mojo flowing. Everyone I am sure at one time or the other has heard of the Power Balence but have you heard of the FusionExcel? Check out
This great piece of work comes in all styles braclets, necklaces etc.... It works off of solar energy. This is a hot must have item for 2011 with out a doubt.

Makeup Time:

You have to check out
His makeup is all ecco friendly and so light. His line is used on the show Jersylicious and I got a chance to meet him one on one and all I have to say is he is a sweet heart. His collection goes on for days he has it all. Please check him out if you are looking for a new hot makeup line that wont hurt your skin but rather make your natural beauty shine through.

Eyeslashes Anyone?
We all know eyelashes are so hard to put on but not Smiink.
Check out
They have all kinds of lashes which include the eyeliner and eyebrow liner that will never come off.

Hair Baby:
Check out
this is a high performance hair care line that has it all.... I am trying their products as we speak and so far so fab! I had to let you all know my beauty tips.

Thirsty? Check out my new fav soda called Waialua Soda. It comes in all different flavors and its low in calories. Peep them out at

Style Zone: You guys gotta check out
This company has the cutest t-shirts that come in a box. The quality is to die for. Its called Peter W a Simple Tee. They come in all styles and colors.

Thank you to all of these companies that were at the gifting suite. I love their products and hopefully you will too!!!!

Yours Truly


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