Friday, September 17, 2010


Life For The World was established in 2002. As far as an increase in teens wanting to take trips with us, we have just recently seen an increase. It is a hands on way to help. It is an amazing experience for teens to be able to see what a day is like in Haiti and they are able to work with the children in the orphanage and visit surrounding Haitian villages. We are currently offering experience Haiti trips for $1500. For more information anyone interested can contact Michael Fedele at

Also, ways for community members can help on a small scale would be to take part of Sponsoring a child. This is also a great way to get involved on a more personal level. For $30 a month anyone can go onto our website and sponsor a child. In return, they will receive updates and will be able to learn about their child. Sponsors are also able to send gifts, have correspondence with their child and are invited to visit their child in Haiti. The $30 helps to provide the child with food, water, medical aide, clothing, shelter, schooling and much more.Donations are also helpful.

To sponsor a child :
To make donations:

On a larger scale, fundraisers are important. Anyway that anyone is able to raise money helps. All donations are tax deductible. Schools and local community members have been a very big support in fundraisers that they have done for Life For The World.

We currently need volunteers. Anyone who would like to volunteer or have any fundraising ideas for upcoming fundraisers and events can contact me at

Anyone who would like more information about our organization can go to our website at :

Also, I think this video would be helpful to you. Please watch it. It talks about Maranatha, expenses and features some of the children from our sponsor program. It was taken in August.

Contact If interested!

Monica Jimenez
Director of Public Relations

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