Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dr.Gram Skin Care

Beauty Time and this time its for woman and men! I recently attended a gifting suite where I was introduced to my new favorite must have skin care line.This skin care line can be used for all year long. Being an actress I have had makeup put on my skin since I was 8 years old. I have gone through so many different products and the minute I started to use Dr.Gram Skin Care my skin changed right away. My skin was dry and had some dark spots due to sun and acne. Now its glowing and feels frsh and I hardly get breakouts now.

I get alot of fans that ask me what do you use on your face how do you keep yours skin so clean and fresh? For all my tweeties out there please follow @GRAMSkincare
they tweet about their new must haves and give you updates and tips on their skincare line. Or google them and check out their website.

What I like about their product is that they dont use sulfate, which is usually in alot of other skin care lines. Dr. Grams products are light and just alittle goes a long way.

Here are a few of my favorites that they have and that I am currently using at the moment.

Daily Cleanser
Clarifying Toner
Daily Scrub
Daily Moisturizer

These are the 4 that I use currently on my skin everyday.

Its vital to use toners and to use a good cream and spf on your face. Please check Dr.Gram out and follow him on twitter if any of you have questions tweet me or email me

Hope this answered some of your questions....

Yours Truly


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