Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy's Gifting Suite Event-Hot Must Haves!

Its that time of year again. EMMY's year that is. I recently went to a gifting suite thats where different companies bring their products and set up shop in a huge venue and give out amazing must haves for celebs that attend the event. I was invited and here are a few must haves I had to share with you. Feel free to google these products to find out how to get them.

My new favorite healthy vitamen replacement I take along with my everyday vitamens-FARMSEA HEALTH. Its made from seaweed and its suppose to be really good for you there is also a version for pets.

You ever went out to a party or bowling or at a friends house where there are tons of cups around and no one can figure out whos whos cup. Well check out-DRINKMARX
It looks like a braclet that you can design yourself with cute stickers to put around a cup,water bottle,etc so you knows which one is yours this is a must have for parents!

Did anyone say facial? I only had one facial in my life but there is a new product out there that some celebs actually own personally and so can you its called-HYDRAFACIAL MD EDGE SYSTEMS. Its the newest and freshest way to get a facial.

Jewerly ladies? Check out SARA G. STRAUSS this line of handmade jewlery is amazing and so pretty. Check the line out at

Are you interested in llc-ing your company or corporating yourself well this is a must have company to know about its called MYCORPORATION check the site at this company will set you or your business or production or music company up! Five stars for this must have.

Last but not least this is for all my bike riders out there-SWAGGER IND. Check them out at they make custom bikes....

Hope you liked the must haves I shared with you and please search for these companies if any of them appealed to you.

Yours Truely


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