Tuesday, August 3, 2010


As I have gotten older I started to realize that its the little things in life that makes one happy. Like a stroll in your neighborhood or a hike on a beautiful trail. Maybe having lunch with a long lost friend or a late night conversion that was long over due. Maybe even going to the beach and paint a picture. Dancing, laughing, praying and meditating are all the things I do on a daily basis to stay happy. Being happy when you are alone is the most vital because if you cant be happy in your own company how can you be happy around others. I just recently started to read that was something I was never big on. As one gets older wisdom comes into play and you start to connect to the real you. Life lessons are a big part of growing. Losing loved ones or taking a break from friends or maybe changing ones normal everyday habbits. Its vital to change things up abit. Though I was told that being bored is a good thing. I like to go the extra mile and do the unknown and experience life in a different way and try to do things I wouldnt normally do. So if you or anyone reading this is at a cross roads in your life know that GOD and faith or whatever it is that you believe in will help center you in the right path. Sometimes you have to take a moment and just listen to the nothing sound in the world. Sometimes you have to let go in order to recieve the new. This was just a thought I wanted to share. What is soul seraching to you? Think about it and embrace it. Life is to short not to live and as my mother use to say there is enough hours in a day to do your hearts desires so run through that fire jump up and shout be alive and feel alive. Thats what soul seraching is to me.....

Yours Truely


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