Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oscar Madness

Yesterday I attended a wonderful event in Hollywood Ca for the Oscars. It was a gifting suite that had kickbutt products. I had to share with you guys some of my new must haves for 2010.

Ladies or Gentlemen you must visit this company has an amazing beauty secret I had to share with you all.
Mary beth York is the owner and creator! She was a doll and her product is in hot pink how can any girl pass on this. She has this great set that is a 3 step process. Its for your under the eye issues that we all get from a lack of sleep or just from having those dark eyes that you cant get rid of. This product has been used for La Fashion week, The Golden Globes and theEmmys. Just wanted to name a few events that Mary beth participated in.

Another must have is a great company called BIJOUTIERE INC.COM
They have a lovely jewlery line. Please visit their website. These are just 2 companies that I had to mention. I will return with more of my must have list soon.

I had a great time yesterday and I was lucky to recieve all of these amazing gifts thats why I had to pass the love on to you all.

yours Truely

Alisa Reyes

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