Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Next Chapter

Do you ever wonder what your purpose in life is? Why we have good days and bad days? Why karma takes place in ones path in life? I ponder on these questions on a daily basis. We all have dreams and goals but its what we do within our actions that make those dreams and goals become a reality. I have been an actress since I was eight years old. I knew what I wanted to be from day one. I meet so many individuals that have no idea where they are headed in life. Sometimes it take something tramatic or something blunt to hit you in the face to make you realize your self worth. When my mother passed away my life changed for the better. I learned that material items mean nothing that money means nothing though one needs it to survive. I learned that family and friends are vital and that God comes first. The reason why I am writing about these topics is because I have many people ask me why I am the way I am? Its because one day I decided which happened to fall on the day of my mothers death that its time to grow and smell the roses. Its time to take care of Alisa and take care of my career, my home, my family and most of all my temple which is myself. Its ok to be selfish but its even better to pay it forward. My mother taught me that helping others is the right path and staying true to yourself is the most important. I wish everyone that has followed me through out my journey and for those that are new to my path I wish you all much love and blessings. May you walk through life with your head held high and your heart full of love. Until my next blog entry God bless and RIP Brenda Rose Reyes. I love you mom and I dedicate my life to you....

Yours Truely,


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